Supporters and Challengers

The strategic planning process will occasionally create changes some volunteers do not support. Members of the leadership and staff team need to understand the possible reasons for this response and be able to address the members who are resistant to the change.

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Telling Isn't Selling

An effective marketing campaign needs to use multiple mediums to ensure that the highest percentage of customers will receive the marketing message.

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Leadership Pledge

A tool that associations can use to help the members of their leadership team stay focused on what it means to be a REALTOR® leader.

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Managing Negative Naysayers on Your Team

Being a committee or work group leader is challenging under the best circumstances, but occasionally the job becomes even more difficult when a team member is constantly second-guessing or criticizing. This will not only create enormous frustration in the life of the leader and in that of other group members, but can also seriously disrupt the team’s ability to work. View PDF

The Importance of Changing Leaders in an Association

Leaders must understand the risks of overstaying their welcome, and must be continuously searching for and training the leaders who will guide their association in the future.

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Strategic Plan Tracking Form

This tracking form is a tool that Association Executives can use to keep members of their senior leadership team informed as to the progress of the initiatives contained in the association’s strategic plan.

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